Innovation Training with Diane Bleck

Every organization is trying to implement systems wide innovation. They are hiring Directors, Agencies, Consultants and even Crowd Sourcing Innovation. The answer is not to throw more technology at innovation; not to build an app; not make an amazing inspiring video; but to simple teach you how to become a Visual & Virtual Champion.

Innovation is right here within you!

Visual learning is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem solving and strategic planning. When you put pen to paper you open up to access your ideas, inspirations and insights.
We all know that meetings are not going away but how you show up is going to change. During Innovation Think Pad Training we are sharing with you the techniques, technology and tools YOU need to unlock your innovation and creativity at work.

You Will Learn How to:

- Capture your big ideas
- Practice expansive thinking
- Draw business maps and models
- Share your strategic and tactical plans with your team
- Implement innovation mindset and behaviors
- Create powerful communications
- Build dynamic webinars to keep people engaged
- Develop engaging presentations for your leadership

By taking you through this training of learning how to “Lean in and Listen with a Pen”, you will be activating your heart and mind to engage in a new way of learning, communication and sharing your ideas to become a Visual & Virtual Champion of Innovation.


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